How often do horse’s teeth need rasped?

All horses should have a maintenance dental appointment at least every 12 months, however if you notice any signs of dental problems then you should schedule a dental appointment sooner.

Some horses have abnormalities with their teeth and will need to be treated more frequently. For example, horses with large overgrowths or displaced teeth will likely need their teeth checking and rasping every 4-6 months, this is because only a small amount of tooth (only a couple of millimetres) can be removed at one time before the sensitive pulp is exposed. Some corrections will therefore have to be made over several months. Other horses will have chronic problems like diastema and periodontal disease that need close monitoring and regular treatment to aid healing.

Young horses between the ages of 2 and 5 years old will shed 24 baby teeth (caps) and erupt 36-44 permanent teeth so it is very important to check youngsters’ mouths regularly to ensure the caps shed on time. Retained caps can cause delayed eruption (impaction) or malpositioning of permanent teeth. If you can catch these little problems early enough, it can save bigger developmental problems in the future.

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