Glossary of Dental Terms

Arcade – row of teeth

Buccal – side of the tooth closest to the cheeks

Calculus – tartar, plaque

Clinical crown – part of the tooth above the gum line

Deciduous tooth – baby tooth

Dental caries – cavities or tooth decay

Dental prophylaxis – teeth cleaning

Diastema / Diastemata – abnormal gaps between teeth

Endodontic treatment – root canal

ETR – excessive (large) transverse ridge

First premolars – wolf teeth

Gingiva – gum

Halitosis – bad breath

Incisor – front tooth

Infundibulum / Infundibula – infoldings of enamel on the biting surface of the front teeth and the upper cheek teeth

Lingual – side of the tooth closest to the tongue (lower teeth)

Malocclusion – uneven bite

Mandible – lower jaw

Maxilla – upper jaw

Occlusion – bite

Occlusal – biting / grinding surface of the tooth

Odontoplasty – teeth rasping, floating

Palatal – side of the tooth closest to the palate (upper teeth)

Palate – roof of the mouth

Periodontal disease, periodontitis – gum disease

Permanent tooth – adult tooth

Polyodontia, supernumerary – extra teeth

Premolars and molars – cheek teeth

Reserve crown – part of the tooth below the gum

SEP – sharp enamel points (edges)

TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) – jaw joint

Transverse ridges – normal ridges that run across the chewing surfaces of the cheek teeth

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